In case of life threatening emergencies: 
always call 112

During office hours

On working days between 8:00 - 17:00  call 020-6158287  (choose option 1)  and we will answer immediately.

During evenings, nights and in the weekends

Between 17:00 - 8:00 hours during weekdays and on weekends and holidays , call 088 - 0030600, this is the nummer of the "Huisartsenposten Amsterdam".  You'll be connected with the nearest service.

"Huisartsenposten Amsterdam" is the "Doctors Service Foundation of Amsterdam", a cooperative effort of GP's in Amsterdam, Diemen, Badhoevedorp and Landsmeer.

First aid

For most urgent complaints and injuries you do not need to make an appointment. You can come to the practice immediately, but if you call 020-6158287  (choose option 3) before you come the doctor can be prepared for your visit.