Phone- and E-consult

Consultation by telephone   (020 - 618 8287)

When you would like to discuss a problem with the doctor by telephone (e.g. for lab results), you can make an appiontment with the assistent. She will put your name down and the doctor will call you back asap.


Not every question is appropriate for e-consult. To answer questions we prefer direct contact. We use e-mail(not secure mail) only for very short questions and, of course, you can inform us by e-mail about change of address or insurance, etc.. In any case you should mention your name, date of birth, address and phone-number in case we have to call you back.
Email can be sent to: (not secure email)or you can send us a message from this page on our website.

In case your question has some urgency, please call us right away.